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KOV Karoserie Velim s.r.o. is family-owned bodybuilder company,
specialised in production of customised bodies with individual  attitude to customer

SALE Airport catering truck SALE
Nearly finished Airport hi-lift catering truck with special sale price. Insulated box body, side doors, fron and rear insulated roller shutter. Type of loading platform and accessories can by choosen by customer. Ambulift modification is possible.
Outside broadcasting truck

OB trucks made by KOV Karoserie Velim are state-of-art tools for outside broadcast television.  All OB trucks produced by KOV Karoserie Velim are completely customized according to individual customer requirements.
KOV Karoserie Velim offer RACK-ready vehicles including installation of big technological devices, UPS, cable drums, air-condition system and monitor wall.

Rallye team Škoda Motorsport

KOV Karoserie Velim got again opportunity to build special service truck for rallye team Škoda Motorsport. Insulated box body is build on  SCANIA S500 chassis.

Special box body includes complete workshop and customized store system. Vehicles has integrated fresh/waste water tanks, washing table, pressured air distribution system and low noice diesel generator Whisper SQ12.

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