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Airport catering truck

KOV Velim offers hi-lift airport catering trucks in three model rows depending on payload and range of operable sill height.
Small models CTG-4110 are based on 7.5t-10t chassis with payload up to 1500kg with sill height from 1150mm to 4100mm.
Middle range CTG-5930 offers unique wide range of operable sill height from 1150mm to 5950mm. Drivers half-cabin can be made in one-man or two-man option. Maximum payload varies between 2500kg and 4000kg depending up esed chassis and cabin configuration.
CTG-5940 models are made on 15t chassis with maximum payload from 4000kg to 4500kg. Maximum operable sill heights of CTG-5940 are from 2500mm to 5950mm.
The scissor link mechanism is mounted on the adapted chassis and powered by two hydraulic telescopic lift cylinders. Scissor link mechanism is connected by friction bronze bearing with subsidiary frame of the box body and bottom subsidiary frame on the chassis. In the rear part, there are open rails on the subsidiary frames and steel wheels with pairs of ball bearings.
On the bottom subsisiary frame and main frame of the chassis are mounted four hydraulic stabilizing jacks, which support the vehicle and ensure stability of catering truck with lifted body.
Body controlling is possible from two independent control panels in the vehicle cabin and in the front part of box body. All function of the vehicle body are controlled by central computer VDO Siemens, which is connected with chassis control unit and two input/output units in upper and lower part of the body. There are only power conductors and "CAN-bus" cable in the scissor link mechanism. This system derogates conductors' lenght and likelihood of any failure. Central computer of the body do not allow activation of function, which can endanger vehicle stability. Computer also record basic operational datas, for example count of body lifts.
Insulated box body is made by sandwich panels. The floor is made by antislip waterproof plywood or insulated sandwich panel. Aluminum floor of the loading platform is provided with antislip protection.

All catering trucks respect technical norms CSN EN 1915-1:2001, CSN EN 12312-2, IATA AHM 910 and IATA AHM 915.

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Technical specification:
  4110 4115 5935 5930 5940
cabin full / half half full / half half full / low / drop
chassis 7,5t 10t 12t - 14t MB Atego 12t LnR 15t
min. loading height 2,3 / 1,15m 1,15m 2,5 / 1,28 1,15m 2,7 / 2,5 / 2,2m
max. loading height 4,1m 4,1m 5,95m 5,95m 5,95m
payload 0,8t 1,5t 2,5 / 3,5t 2,5t 4,5t
payload (max. 40km/h 1,5t 1,5t 3,5t 3,5t 4,5t
accessories 5 2,3,4,5 1,2,3,4,5 2,3,4 1,2,3,4,5
Basic accessories:
1)  insulated box bodz with FNA certificate
2)  refigeration unit
3)  truck can operate withou stabiliying jacks up to 2m
4)  truck with air suspension can use air suspension up to 2m (can achieve lower loading height)
5)  rear hydraulics loading platform
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