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Semi-trailer for mass disaster clearing

sanita01.jpgSpecial semi-trailer is build on the standart three-axle semi-trailer chassis with 900mm floor height and 1150mm semi-trailer kingpin height.
There are two extensible walls in the front part, which create boardroom with kitchen unit and aircondition unit. Next part is dispatching centre in which are situated three operators seats with connections to the computer site of the semi-trailer. Dispatchers have 360° degree round view. In the last part there are two toiled-rooms, shower enclosure, medical stores and technological devices which includes strong electrical generator.
Whole semi-trailer is designed according to "one man operation" principle and can be fully activated only in 30 minutes after arrival. Semi-trailer is also fully independent of water, oxygen, fuel and electric power supply for at least 24 hours.

Technical datasheet (.pdf)

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